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27 Jun 07 09:20:33 am
Hi all,
am enjoying my membership and the importing advice I've been getting, all priceless info which is what this site is all about eh?
I posted a topic, 2 actually and i think i may have overstepped the boundaries as i put one of my affiliate links on, oops sorry!
Anyway I do have a bit of advice to share with everyone and to show off (lol) my new website! It is not an affiliate site i.e. I don't get any money for you visiting, but it does have some links on to some sites i am involved with, you can make up your own mind if you are interested.
What i would like though is some feedback on peoples thoughts about my site, its all very well me being happy with it, but it's not me I'm trying to impress.
To 'Mr./Ms.Salehoo' I do apologise for putting up my affilate link before and I am sure you will check this out prior to publishing it, thank you, yes,I am serious!

anyway if it's allowed please visit here Link hidden: Login to view and PLEASE give me your feedback, I'm pretty thick-skinned so bring it on
thank you Steve

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27 Jun 07 10:42:43 pm
This is fine Steve. Just a word of advice for you - add the site to your signature and you will get some more exposure and then for every post you make your site will appear in the signature :)

Give it a try ;)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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