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6 May 07 08:50:17 pm
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am up for making some serious money. No I'm not talking about the million over night schemes, I'm talking about going to work and coming home and putting in 4-5 hours on the homebased job. Yet, even with my background in business I know that to succeed you need a good plan.

I think that I've come up with a very good and I mean exceptional plan. This would essentially involve a number of small investors, (10-50.00) a team approach, and some hard work.

Here is what the jist of the biz plan would involve:

I do not like to dab in the risky wholesale and Ebay, well I think its been pretty played out. Those who got in did a good thing, just like the early 2-3 character .com buyers. Yet, there are going to be people making money on Ebay as long as its up, but us late bloomers, well we pretty much missed that train. Don't despair.

I'm hoping and actually believe that I will form a team. The #1 method of making money online is with affiliate programs. We can box around this, make fun of it, but read your biz mags, its the top money maker, and its an honest deal. Pros: no inventory to deal with, no customers to hear whining, and yes you can work from home. I recently made $433.00 in one week with two affiliate programs, this I liked. The block is that although I have no doubt I can make 5 to 10 times this amount I know that advertising cost.

Here's where you come in ...I would like to take on some partners or shall I save investors,perhaps both. I could have easily split the $433 in a 70/30 % and been happy. Would you be happy if a single $10 investment returned you over $120 ? I will be marketing 15 highly pay through sites this week. I'm hoping to make at least 1,000 this week. If you invest $5/10 into the plan your profit will be split up of 30%. If there are 10 people, and I sell 1000.00 this means that you earn $30+ the initial $10 you invested. Now $40 doesn't sound like a lot, but let me tell you how we can make a lot more money. If the 20 people helped with advertising, perhaps you write a newsletter or have a mailing list (simply tell us what interest) we would need to market) if each of us could get 10 people to submit to the offer we would be making a lot more money. I have even better news. I also have sites that will cost nothing other than visitors submitting their email address and we get paid! We also have plans to market even further.

I have 7 people on one square and today alone we have made $188.00, would be nice if we did this all week,

Let's ban together and start making money not as an individual but as a team. We would like each member to invest at least $10, most used for PPC advertisement. If you are interested in joining and have a newsletter or mailing list WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Let's be successful together!

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30 May 07 09:21:00 pm
So you make money from getting people to register on a site? I don’t really understand what you need other people’s money for. Is it to fund the site you have up now?

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11 Jul 07 07:59:50 am
How did this do for you? Any luck?


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