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28 Dec 13 10:52:52 pm
Hello everybody,

I am looking for items to sale and make profit wholesale or drop-shipping either is fine.
From the couple of hours I spent here searching for suppliers, I noticed that prices offered by suppliers here are way higher than what the items are selling for in eBay/Amazon! I am talking about the SAME item not a better/lower quality item.

Example, an item one company is selling here for $30, that same item is going for 17.99-28!
My question is are these companies here really wholesalers?

Also, is there a way to contact the suppliers through this website or you have to copy the email or call the number only in their provide and tell them you're from SaleHoo?

Thank you,

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29 Dec 13 08:13:24 pm
Hi Edris

To the last question first, you have to contact the suppliers directly yourself. No requirement to let them know where you found them, but they would probably appreciate it anyway.

In regards the price, it's not at all unusual to find this, most do. The thing you have to remember is that when comparing prices from a supplier against a seller on eBay, you have to make sure you are comparing apples with apples. For example, is the supplier's price a dropship price or a wholesale price. If wholesale, what size volume is that based on and can you do better with a higher volume purchase. With the seller, are they buying in wholesale, if so what volume and what margin are they selling at?

Is the seller actually a wholesaler themselves and they are using eBay to sell their own products direct to the public?

You see it's never quite as simple as just matching prices to work out what's happening within a market like eBay.

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