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Complete wrong idea about the business!

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30 May 07 02:01:32 pm
I made a big mistake coming to SaleHoo, not because of them it al looks great it's just that I had a different Idea of this business.

I'm working in Internet Marketing for almost a year now and making some good extra money but not really to live from.

So I wanted to have a look at eBay, until now I never sold anything what you couldn't download.

I thought that you could represent certain products sell them and than the wholesaler would send them direct to the client but it looks like I'm wrong with this.

My problem now is that I don't see myself at home surrounded by lots of products, I don't have the money or the space for it.
So I think I'm going to ask for a refund to SaleHoo.

Any solutions, ideas?


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30 May 07 09:32:51 pm
Dropshipping sounds like what you are after. All you have to do is list the item and manage the sale. The dropshipper retains all the product and send directly to your customer.

We have a lot of dropshippers listed in our Wholesale Sources. One of the most popular is MK Enterprises.


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31 May 07 01:23:36 am
Well , Any serious buisness will stock thier own products. I live in a small home and still stock all my own products. I find the room. Because the extra income I make from these products keeps me from ever worrying about bills.

Dropshipping sound fit for you but you need to find the best possible dropshipper for your business. If you serious about making an income online you can try Link hidden: Login to view and give them a try.

They have over 33,000 products you can sell and they do dropship for you.

If this just isnt for you you can send an email to Link hidden: Login to view for a refund.

Good luck in whatever you do. :D

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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