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15 Oct 14 07:51:06 pm

If I acquire lots of clothing and can find the corresponding images online for these -be it celebs in that particular outfit, models photographed in it, mannequins etc, what are the laws surrounding using these images on the retail site? Does there need to be a disclaimer? Am I legally required to take photos. The issue would be that when I buy a dress in size 14, I don't want to stick it on a size 0 mannequin. I would rather feature the photo of a smaller dress...

Anyone know how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.

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15 Oct 14 11:30:13 pm
U.S. copyright law states that the one who took the photograph is given copyright protection from the moment the photo is created. This includes digital images. Legally, if you want photos to use, either the photographer or one of his/her agents (like the wholesaler) must allow you to use the photo(s), or you must take the photo(s) yourself.

I am currently selling preowned clothing and I understand where you are coming from. Finding a mannequin where the garment looks nice can be a challenge. There are different ways to display clothing other than on a mannequin and still have them look nice. Take a look at what some of the retailers do online for ideas.

Michael Sears
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16 Oct 14 02:30:14 am
Thanks for chiming in Michael and welcome to the forum Rachel

Michael is right in regards to copyright,so far safer staying well clear of images you don't have authorisation to use.

Michael has given a great tip there, just check out how others in your genre do it to get some ideas :)

Mark (fudjj)

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