Cotton Balls--a little on the lighter side..

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8 Jan 08 12:03:20 am
Just thought I would lighten the mood for the kick off of the new year...

Do any of you guys live with a house full of women??

I was just thinking about it over the christmas holidays..I had a house full of family visiting, mostly girls as I had 3 daughters and now they have had more daughters..Us guys just don't seem to catch a break..

Anyway we were talking about the time all of my girls had a sleepover and I ended up with about 15 teenage girls staying overnight. I think it was actually what they call a 'makeup party'. Basically they just sat around all night applying different kinds of makeup and fingernail polish. Not to mention eating up everything in the house...

The next morning they all left pretty quickly as some sort of festival was taking place downtown. I assumed the task of trying to clean up the mess...

What struck me most was the amount of used cotton balls that were all over the place..I my self never had much use for even a single cotton ball, much let alone the dozens that now seem to be dominating the household..I don't know how many I actually picked up but every time I thought i was finished,,bam, a few more would pop up..By the time I finally did finish I had a huge headache. So I go to get an asprin, pop open the bottle and well what do you thinks sitting on top of the asprin....another cotton ball.... :shock:

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10 Jan 08 02:21:23 am
LOL thats funny! Im a woman and i dont use alot of cotton balls, dont even wear make-up, but i can imagine what you went through dat day. Maybe cotton balls would be a hot item to sell on e-bay! LOL

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10 Jan 08 04:37:39 am
Sounds very intereting!They must have had a wonderful time and played to their heart content!


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