Cyber Monday 2012 - what to sell?

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13 Oct 12 06:23:45 pm
Just trying to get some info on this just wondering what products sell best on ebay? i know most likely electronics but the market is flooded with this kind of stuff and i know that i dont have the funds to make the kind of purchases to even compete in this category but anyone know a good niche?

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13 Oct 12 07:13:23 pm
It's always worth asking the question, but also always doubtful that anyone who does know of a niche product, will in fact give up the information. It's just getting harder and harder to develop a niche market these days, stacks of research, test marketing ..... and then if you are fortunate enough to hit on a market, it doesn't remain a silent market for long before you have everyone else wanting a slice.

About the only half reliable niche markets left are those where people have access to products that have strong limitations to others getting hold of them. If you can find a product that does have a market, but strictly limited distribution, then you can be on to something, but the moment the product is easily sourced, you can find yourself being the one to do all the ground work to develop the market and then everyone else will piggy back in off your work as soon as they get a sniff of it.

Not great news, I know lol, but look for products with limited distribution opportunities, that's where I think the safest new niche markets lay.

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15 Oct 12 04:18:19 am
Hi srg-wholesale,

It's usually the usual suspects but then almost everyone will most likely be selling these products too.

This was the Link hidden: Login to view we published last year to help our members get ready for Holiday sales.

Also the following guides might help you find that product with limited distribution opportunities and your niche for this year!

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Hope this helps :)


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15 Oct 12 04:15:35 pm
I know I say this almost every time a seasonal-related or date-sensitive thread pops up, but just in case it's unclear, you have about a week to have your Cyber Monday sales item picked out. Absolutely nothing available from any dropshipper anywhere is worth even considering for CM (unless they are willing to guarantee you a certain number of units will be in stock; otherwise they will almost certainly be out of stock on that item, by the time the biggest buying day of the year comes around.) Deals on small/medium wholesale lots are getting tighter and tighter across all niches, which, at the risk of sounding like six years' worth of a broken record, is what they do this time of year every year because everyone on the planet has the notion that he's going to make some extra money for holidays selling stuff on eBay/flea markets/etc.

Seriously, time is your worst enemy in this business. Anything any wholesaler or dropshipper presents as a Red Hot Item For You To Cash In On This Christmas, after say October 31st, is just garbage they're trying to clear out of the warehouse before the good stuff comes in during the enormous return/refurb season which starts in January.


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