- why are they not a supplier on SaleHoo?

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18 Sep 11 12:06:03 am

I've just joined and have serious doubt about my decision... I've been making quite a bit of money off and it's such a huge cheap source for resell product, most of the listings in the directory aren't even close. Why isn't deal extreme in the directory list? They do have a bit of problems with very slow shipping but surely it deserves to be there. I mean, at least put a listing then let users add the bad reviews... Still can't find a supplier here that's even close to their price..

Any good answers? ...Gonna look at the membership refund policy again..

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19 Sep 11 12:05:45 am
Hi Magic,

Thanks for your recommendation and review of

I actually did a quick review about them a few months back and I agree they do seem quite legit as a supplier.

Please note that we don't automatically add suppliers to SaleHoo. We wait for their explicit consent before we do so, just because a supplier isn't in our directory it does not mean we're not aware of them =)

I just checked with my colleague and she has confirmed that this supplier has not lodged any application but she has emailed them today - inviting them to SaleHoo as a listed supplier.

Should everything go well, we should be able to update you real soon!

Cheers :)


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19 Sep 11 12:37:02 pm
Hi Richelle!

Thanks for the quick response, that is an excellent reply and it makes me trust salehoo even more.

Again thanks!



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