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7 Jul 19 04:33:46 pm
Hi guys!

I am going to start a dropsipping business with handmade products. Also, I will sell my own handmade products as well and hope to sell another's handmade products from people in my country.

The things is that I don't know how to send my products abroad with a competitive price. It is very expensive. In websites like Etsy people sell their products with delivery prices no more that 5 EUR Worldwide. But in Colombia, sending a single product abroad (no heavy, no big at all) with UPS or FedEx cost 75-100 EUR depending on the country (that's about 6 times the price of my product!).

How do people in online stores manage to ship worldwide at very low prices??

Thank for the help

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19 Sep 19 06:22:45 am
Hi @agroval92, for cheapest shipping rates, it usually differs for the courier services available in your location. I would suggest for you to research on the different courier services available in your country and then compare the different pricing. It would also be good to take note of light and small products to resell since it would be a big factor when dealing with shipping. In other instances, some sellers would let their buyers take care of the shipping expenses. What you can do is give them options of different couriers integrated with your online selling platform.

For you reference, you may also check out this post: Link hidden: Login to view

Hopefully helps.


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