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26 Feb 08 10:03:45 pm
Has anyone on here used DHGATE.com??? just looking to get some feedback...looking to purchase some shoes but they dont seem to sell authentic brands they use words like NI instead of NIke anyone have any feed back??

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27 Feb 08 12:53:25 am
hi i buy on DHgate, some stuff, like MicroSD card, they were forged, one.
But when you buy brands closes be careful because sometimes they say it in their description AAA+++ = means like the real one
AA means avarage quality, but you can ask them they always answer if the stuff are fake or copies.

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3 Mar 08 11:49:15 pm
dhgate.com is numerous amount of sellers. Its kind of like ebay expect theres no bidding... many sellers with different products and different ethics. be careful

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4 Mar 08 09:58:57 pm
all that stuff fake bro

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4 Mar 08 10:43:31 pm
BE CAREFUL because I just got taken with some software I ordered from a place in China that I got off of dhgate. They are copies. I would not order again from china if my life depended on it!!!! I am through with DHgate as well.

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5 Mar 08 03:33:38 am
Keep away from Chinese at any cost unless you know that these are real companies and trough ironclad recommendation. When you make money and are able to go to China yourself than you may be able to make some real money.

As a small fish, those peoples are going to rob you blind all along purring like kittens, promising all those virgins here on earth while you are still alive.

I am sure they are lurking on this forum also.....be very, very careful. I lost $1500 hopping to get rich quickly and trusting. Not anymore.

And you know what, I love Amy Tan their writer, I love chineze food, I love China and I hurt to see what they do.

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30 Sep 11 08:31:12 pm
I have made over 10 purchases with DHG. They are like Ebay, you have to get a seller you trust. That is by looking at their feedback(although easy to fake), talk to them in chat and ask a lot of questions. Then you want to order a small order(something you can aford to lose if it's a scam).

Lastly you must remember that almost everything on the website is a replika. You can buy non branded items on the site as well. Just remember to do your research first.


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