Distributors charging membership fees to see prices

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4 Nov 08 09:50:42 pm

Does anybody have feedback on distributors who want to charge you join their wholesale company. I have found several companies that want to charge a fee maybe $99 to join their wholesale company. After you join the company, you then can have a price list of the items that they have on their website, they show you pictures of the items, but not the prices. I am just wondering if the price list is really low enough to make a decent profit. Anyone have any feedback or have experience a situation similar to this one?


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4 Nov 08 11:02:16 pm
I can't imagine any genuine wholesaler charging a joining fee before supplying a price list, they would be out of business in no time. Wholesalers rely on selling to retailers, and as a retailer I can tell you that I would never pay for a wholesale price list, and I would suggest that not many would.

Trying to charge for a list that others will freely give in order to do business would quite simply be detrimental to their own business.

My guess, they are not a genuine wholesaler, just a middle man brokerage type operation without any margin on their products, and that's how they are generating their income.

I must admit that they sound more like a drop shipping company pulling that kind of stunt, and one to stay well away from no matter what they are.

A genuine wholesaler may require a tax id to do business with you, but that is to ensure you are a legit retailer.

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5 Nov 08 12:40:45 am
I agree with Fudjj there are way too many good places avoid that mess before you lose alot of money

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5 Nov 08 03:00:05 am
Whats the name of the companies,ill pay and tell the prices to everyone.


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