Do I have to be a registered company to order wholesale?

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17 Oct 07 09:21:02 pm
hi i have just joined salehoo and have been scrolling through the weblinks provided and its got me worrying because i am an individual seller looking to purchase items and then sell them on ebay, however alot of the links require my company name. can i not buy products on any of these sites without being a company?
please, any help would be appreciated

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18 Oct 07 01:44:57 am
Just makeup a business name. You don't have to register it. Most companies feel better if they think they are dealing with a business rather than an individual. Just pick something, even if it just 'brucelee sales'. It does not have to be anything fancy...

Then later if you get really serious about being a business you can register a business name and get a licence. Most all of the people you see selling on ebay are just individuals such as yourself...

I sell on ebay and several other entities and use a business name and I also have a tax id, but my business name is not registered...


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