Do I have to trademark a domain name?

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17 Nov 15 10:15:03 am
Hi,im kind of a newbie in this stuff.

If i want to create a website retailer store,and i want to have a name on it ( example, Do i HAVE to register for the name?Or is it ok if i just write my website name without dealing with any stuff?Is it a must for trademarking my name for protection?

Please answer these questions if you know.
Sorry for my bad english :p

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17 Nov 15 07:15:39 pm
Hi Edward,

You can register any domain name you want, so long as it's available. It's a stand alone name, it doesn't require any other registrations such as a trademark or whatever.

However, it doesn't preclude you from also registering it as a business name or other as well, if that's something you wanted to do for any reason.

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14 Mar 16 01:38:49 am
Quick Answer : Not required.

Registering a company name or your domain name gives you no rights other than to stop someone else registering the exact same name from the online registrar. Trademarking is not necessary unless we are looking at a totally revolutionary brand that will hit the $$$$$$$ margin. On top of that, the process of registering a trademark is dreadfully painful'


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