Do I need a tax ID when selling on Amazon?

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20 Dec 13 05:38:11 am
I read in an article that if I sell on Amazon, that Amazon actually deducts taxes from my product listing and that my social security number counts as a tax id for Amazon...or something like that.

I have been selling all this time without a tax id or anything but everything I keep reading on salehoo states either some business licence or DBA or tax id number.

Really and truly for now I want to drop sell. What should I do. Am I in trouble on amazon and don't know it. Or is what that article I read true

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20 Dec 13 11:52:40 pm
The easiest way to break it down for you is to say as a business, and even as a drop shipper you are running a business, you have legal obligations to keep records and submit a tax declaration. Now it's no secret that not everyone does, it comes down to your own choice, b legally, submitting a tax declaration is a requirement for any business.

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22 Dec 13 11:46:21 pm
Amazon does not deduct taxes - they have a withholding policy for sellers who have not submitted a TIN or SSN in the Kindle marketplace (see Link hidden: Login to view.) Unless they've had a very recent policy change, Amazon does not withhold for product sellers, only publishers.


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