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Do I need to register my business with the government?

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13 Mar 10 06:41:01 pm
Hi everyone!

I have a huge headache in my head and need to fix it. Can anyone help me?

What do I have to do to my store "official" with the government?

In more depth what Im saying is like do I need to register my business with the government?
If so how? I live in IL BTW
Its online too is that different?

Also how do I return tax that I collected?
I heard I need a a tax id number?
How do I get that?

Anything else?

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15 Mar 10 12:29:21 am
Hi, I’d like to share some information I came across related to this query.
The answer is yes. :) Creating an online business venture is similar to any other kind of business formation and the founders are required to adhere to specific ecommerce law and taxation. There is a need for you to define the legal structure of your online business. This legal structure and the kind of business activity you will be engaging in will determine the type of tax you will be required to pay.
The following links will be useful.
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
For registering and tax id matters in Illinois, Link hidden: Login to view
Hope this helps. :)

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15 Mar 10 03:15:44 am
@8828money2: Thanks for helping out on this one! :)

@iamdog: In the past there wasn't really that much of a need to register your online business especially if you were not doing this as a full time thing. But because recently a number of States are pushing laws for taxation of online income, I'd have to agree with 8828money2 on this one.

Here are additional guides that may help you with registering your business:

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Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps.



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15 Mar 10 03:22:48 am
Yes, it's no big deal, as I have already mentioned to you in the PM. It's essentially all taxation related and a visit to local accountant will tell you exactly how you need to report your earnings.


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15 Mar 10 02:42:42 pm
In my option ,it's depend on what kind of business you are doing . in china , if only very small business , offen no need to register with the government , but if you business grow more bigger , than small company , even big company !

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16 Mar 10 10:25:32 pm
Okay thanks everyone!

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