Does world version PS3 support both PAL and NTSC systems?

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3 Aug 11 10:43:01 am
Hi all,

I have seen suppliers that sell a world version of the playstation 3 like here
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But what does that actually mean it supports both pal and ntsc playstation games?


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3 Aug 11 05:38:49 pm
That seems to be what they're implying, with some stipulations (apparently it won't play US version DVDs or PS2 games.) That said, I'd contact the supplier for specific tech questions like this. I would recommend getting as specific an answer as you can out of them -- the last thing you need is to sell the product to an end user then find out it doesn't do what you said it does I've had this happen before, much to my chagrin -- it was more a language barrier issue than anything else, but customers don't know or care anything about that; they just want stuff to do what you say it does.


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