eBay and Alibaba buyer protection

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6 Oct 11 09:37:00 am
Hi everybody,

I'm making a research on the subject and I'm very familiar with all the process and how it works on both eBay and Alibaba.

The one thing that I'm keen to know and i actually need statistics on the subject:

1. How did the Buyer Protection helped these companies in terms of GMV meaning, did it increase sales or business?
2. How do people response to it?

If possible I'm really interested in actual statistics ,It is important to me.

Thanks a lot

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11 Oct 11 03:19:58 pm
Hi sgr4679,

I tried searching for this information, but sorry, no such statistical study at all. The questions on the people's responses are not measurable/quantifiable, and increased sales cannot be solely attributed to the buyer's protection program, so those must be factors on why such study does not exist, besides eBay and Alibaba are two different companies.

Hope this helps.


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11 Oct 11 09:22:56 pm
I'd say game them -- contact the PR department at either company and tell them you're working on an article about the evolution of ecommerce (or whatever rolls off your own tongue well enough) and ask a few pointed questions on the matter. You'll get some answered and some not due to security reasons.


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12 Oct 11 01:06:28 am
Hi Sivan,

You might just be the first one to produce a study on how buyer protection affects and influences customers on both sites.

Obviously on eBay it plays a major factor in constantly bringing in a lot of customers and the turn over is not that bad either.

A major trend I have somehow observed is that the quality of buyer protection provided by any company direct affects the number of customers they get be in online or offline.

All the best!


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18 Oct 11 08:46:30 am
Thanks guys!


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