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Ebay For Sale Rumor

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30 May 06 10:01:00 pm
I just saw on Google news where there is a rumor that microsoft is wanting to buy Ebay. I hope this is not so. OMG imagine how screwed up Ebay will be!!!!!

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31 May 06 03:14:45 am
:roll: :roll: :roll:

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31 May 06 06:02:53 am
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(news article above)

THoughts anyone? I would be thinking how we can capitalize on the things that they might change. Also for you people with ALOT of dough, perhaps the stock market would benifit you at this time. Dont take my word for it though! I dont wanna be responsible for any bankruptcies!


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31 May 06 11:46:12 am
wow! If this is true, i wonder what changes they will make..

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31 May 06 12:12:18 pm
I think Microsoft will do a rubbish job to be quite honest. Id expect to see price rises, but also some better features made available.

I dont see it as a good thing

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31 May 06 12:43:05 pm
Microsoft getting their hands on anything this big can't be a good thing.

Personally, I think they have enough on their plates trying to make a stable OS... they don't need to worry about billions of auctions.

Besides... if microsoft bought ebay... we'd end up with the blue screen of auction death, about 1 minute 30 seconds from the end of a high end auction with a bidding war going on... all the bids would be lost and we'd be charged double the fees for our troubles, with no refund...


5 Jun 06 01:18:34 am
It wouldnt surprise me if he wanted to buy Ebay. In the late 1980's or early 90's, he wanted to buy Schwans Food Service Company because he really liked the business model and distribution system. I think he must like the power and marketing of EBay and the fact that just about everyone on the planet has heard of it!
Bill EBay Gates...hmmmmmmm

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14 Jun 06 12:50:03 am
wonder what sort of price it would sell for. Trademe ( Link hidden: Login to view ) a new zealand auction site sold earlier this year for $700 million nz. thats a hell of alot of cash for this country

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14 Jun 06 07:52:52 am
whats the stock price worth?

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