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11 Apr 08 01:03:12 am
hi everyone
i see so many people saying that some of the prices they see for these items are near retail prices, and are not really wholesale. That is because the big players that stock and sell these goods, sell them below wholesale to draw customers into their store to buy not only these items, but it attracts them to other items they sell in the store which you will find would be marked up. They don't mind sacrificing some of their profit on these goods because they make up for it on their other goods. So it does'nt matter when you see someone selling these goods and saying there wholesale they proberly are, because that's what he gets them for, and than put's his small percentage on top to still try to make it attactive for you to buy. I see this all the time at the major store outlet's, as i was talking with a salesperson i know and that's what they do to attract more customers. They have all types of marketing gimmicks to draw the customers in to impulse buy, ever gone grocery shopping and see all the small items in the isleway, there the impulse goods that customers always buys.

p.s. unless you buy in huge bulk quantaties you are not going to get a decent wholesale price. This is my opinion

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11 Apr 08 01:29:26 am
Actually with electronics you will never find a good price. Even from the manufacturer. Manufacturers dont set a good price for wholesale. They profit big selling to their distributers. And their set MSRP doesn't do much after transport costs and the bump retailers push for stocking them. The best way is through closeouts, liquidations and also buying refurbs. Many sellers use this method.

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11 Apr 08 01:58:35 am
I hear electronics are a bad way to go alright,What about watches i heard watches are a brilliant selling item. Watchclosouts.net,is there really much profit to be made on ten watches?


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