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Ever thought of becoming a furniture designer?

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14 May 12 03:39:17 am
For quite a few years now, I've always had it in the back of my mind to something really funky with some old furniture. I love nothing more than having a lazy wonder through an old second hand furniture shop, looking at all the old pieces, good shape, but just needing some TLC.

I've imagined not just giving some pieces some TLC, but getting completely funky with them and giving them a complete re-birth lol

I've been a little hesitant in the past because some times my imagination can get a little too carried way, and that could be dangerous when customising furniture, but it seems to me that there just might be a solid market out there, just waiting to be tapped at the moment.

I'm not talking about sanding down an old desk and giving it a new coat of varnish. I'm talking about getting in amongst some of the coolest finishes available on the planet, and turning it into a piece of something that stops traffic lol

OK, the reason I'm rambling here is because I was just thinking about this again this morning. Just taking one a piece here and there and seeing what I could do with them. Nothing serious for myself, just a outlet to express a little creativity in a some what unique way when the mood took me really lol.

Now furniture is my thing, but if you have a creative flare and are interested in pushing some boundaries in an effort to find a new and exciting market with little or no competition, then I though I would share a link that you may well find inspiring.

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Now be warned, these guys specialise in auto refinishes, but if you're not into the custom auto scene, just look at the finishes for what they are and think of how you could best use them to express your own creativity.

For those in Australia, KMC Corp is there Australian division.

Anyway, it doesn't have to be furniture like me that you funk-up (although how do you go past a super high gloss 2pac candy yellow and chrome desk in the coolest 50 style lol), but if you do have some ideas on design, an imagination just waiting to let of the chain, then look through their products, I think you may well find some inspiration.

Mark (fudjj)

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