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3 Apr 14 01:50:06 pm
My name is Doreen and I'm new to Salehoo. I appreciate all information on this forum. I have listed some products on my site Link hidden: Login to view . Need an advice o comment for improvement.


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7 May 14 07:20:37 am

Perhaps purchase your own domain name, so that it is easier to find?

A little more information about your business, shipping costs and countries you ship to.
(There may be some countries that you will not ship to because of high rate of fraud)

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7 May 14 09:08:53 pm
Hi Doreen,

The two things that impact on me straight away is number one, the visual marketing aspect of the design. The site is very flat, nothing pops at all, nothing leaps out and grabs a customers attention. You really need that, studies proof that you only have a very limited amount of time to capture a customers attention, if you don't get that attention, then the customer is usually gone inside the very first 30 seconds and the chances are that they won't be back.

So I think you really have to do some work on the visual side.

Secondly, the image you are presenting isn't very inspiring in building confidence with customers. For example; "Welcome to my store" Now you don't have to lie to customers and pretend you are a massive international concern, but you are asking them to trust you with their money and by going out of your way to make yourself look like a very small operation that is being run out of a spare room at home doesn't inspire that sort of confidence.

Use a lot less of MY and ME and more of OUR and US, these terms give an image of your business being far bigger that it may very well be. In terms of a store welcome itself, my suggestion is to stay away from using any such terms. It should be "Welcome to the beauty Box" then followed by a slogan, such as "Your online source for a more beautiful you" Ok, cheesy I know, but it's just an example.

You're trying to convince the customer that they have come to the right place and not scare them back out the door.

I'm going to throw in one more tip, what about a beauty blog?

Something like, beauty hints and tips. You can write about a certain issue, then promote one of the corresponding products in your shop as the solution. That is giving the customer a reason to buy, it's also bulking out the store with content that a customer will stay around for and read if you make it interesting enough to do. A blog can also serve as an effective way to then promote your store as well and it all starts feeding back into each other.


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