Finding a niche on selling sites

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28 Apr 14 11:20:12 pm
I'm sure this question is asked quite often.

I have sold on both Amazon and eBay I prefer Amazon but will sell on any site. I'm wondering what tools do you use to find profitable niches on selling sites? I have noticed that eBay has some tools on their site, and I did say above I will sell on any site but I would rather not sell on eBay unless I had too. So tools for the other selling sites would be the most helpful.

I plan to drop ship, because I don't have the capital necessary to buy wholesale.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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29 Apr 14 12:34:12 am
Hi Michael,

To be honest, I think the days of the niche are long gone. The world is full of people all looking for that next big thing that so far lays undiscovered, and while there may well be some products that fit, once they are found it's only a matter of days, if not hours, before these types of research tools are digging them up.

That's just compounded with trying to find a niche through dropshipping, because price isn't going to be your friend.

In my opinion, the new niche is (specialty) genre. Meaning if I was going to sell DVD movies, then I would try to specialize with everything in the genre. Movie posters, portable DVD players, even things popcorn makers, trying to make it a complete shopping experience for a customer. I think that also lends itself to product package deals as well, so some marketing avenues there that could be explored.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth : )

Mark (fudjj)

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26 May 14 01:22:41 am
Try Google Adwords tool. You can input keywords on it and the tool will show hundreds of results, just scroll down and I'm sure there's something related to your market. It has "Competition", "Global Monthly Searches", and so on..

In regards to eBay, look for the hottest selling items at the moment. When you have at least 6 niches, review them and pick the best. It's easier said than done, though. Anyway maybe this blog would be of great help.

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