Flaws of the Market Research Lab

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12 Aug 15 02:53:33 am
Hi All.

I just went through the new version of The Lab and while the enhancements are nice over old versions, it has one flaw. There is no search box to research a product I would like to sell.

It is extremely limiting having only Category to choose from.

How would I search for Isotoner Slippers?



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13 Aug 15 12:37:22 am
Hello Dale,

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, we have removed the search box feature.

If the product or brand you are searching for can't be found, it's likely that there's no data available for it at this time. This could be because the product or brand is not as popular as some of the 4,000+ products that do have available data.

SaleHoo's new Market Research Lab is designed to provide information on the most popular products that are currently selling very well online. The old Lab's results were often inaccurate and irrelevant due to users entering far too generic keywords. The new Lab offers specific items with live listings that you can view on Amazon & eBay. It's a much more effective way to find relevant data on specific popular products.

Consider looking around to see what is there, rather than what isn't, as these are the main products that people are buying and selling right now.

All the best!


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