From the UK - Any ideas on what to sell?

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28 May 07 12:43:39 pm
Hiya everyone, i'm very new to salehoo and i am trying to set up a part time business to start selling things on ebay for a profit (obviously ). I am in the uk and shipping from china and so on is very expensive. Can anyone out there please give me some suggestions of what i could sell on ebay in the uk and where i could get the goods without selling my soul for the shipping costs. :(

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Karen :P

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28 May 07 05:25:58 pm
Do some research mate. See whats selling and how much you could earn from it.

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28 May 07 10:06:21 pm
You can always start with liquidation or small wholesale lots. eBay US is a good place to pick up small wholesale lots and they are a great way of getting a feel for what works and what doesn't without risking too much.

You need to research eBay and see what is selling well. Also think about possible niches related to your own interests. No one can tell you what to sell as your own passion and enthusiasm for a product makes a big difference to how well it sells. Plus the more you enjoy working with something, the more time and thought you are likely to put into it, thereby creating a better business.

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28 May 07 10:07:00 pm
You really just need to choose for yourself. If you want full profit potential you need to buy into liquidations. Buy in bulk and resell items individually. You can literally sell anything on ebay. Just buy what you can in bulk for cheap and resell it for profit.

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