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funny ebay message

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14 Jan 11 06:40:12 am
well I thought it was funny, by a potential customer..

Dear austgaragesales,

Yes hi.
I recently made 2 offers on this item, but they were rejected.
Then i did a search on the web with exactly the same wording as
your add and found this MUCH cheaper item....exactly the same!
item $65.00 "
If you are dropshipping i think your prices are way too high ;)
I would have bought this 2day for $65.00 (the real price) and you would have made a sale
But since you rejected me....im buying off them.
So maybe you should reconsider your prices or dropshipping all together.
Thank You & have a nice day.

I removed the item name, but I sell for $80 with $25 postage
Here is my response.

Thank you so much for your constructive criticism, you paid 65 for it when
my lowest offer was 70, I am wondering how much postage you paid as I only
charge $25, I checked with your supplier and If I posted on to tassie
through them it would cost $70, funny that, also how can I be charging to
much as ebay fees are a killer and so are paypal, If I bought off your
Sigma and onsold for same price I would be losing, BTW, on checking my
supplier I see they now have it for just under $48 but shipping to tassie
is $42, saving $28 on sigmas postage and $17 on the purchase price of the item.
I am only using tassie as an example as I set the postage to be
around half way between states.

Checking postage to ACT, the item with
postage would have been from sigma $90, from my guy would have been
$64.50, my guy has dropped the price but as you can see, my prices are
still reasonable compared to sigma..
been a nice excercise , may drop
it by $10 anyway.

Thank you

and now their response to that..

No Problen Hunny.
Glad I could help.
Take care :)

think I won that or proved a point?

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14 Jan 11 08:36:39 pm
There is always a certain level of satisfaction when you can serve one up to an annoying customer, diplomatically of course :)

Mark (fudjj)

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