G'day Aussies

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11 May 06 10:41:05 am
Hi, Barry from Australia.
Was thinking maybe all us aussies could get together in here and
share experiences , ideas, etc to do with Australia Wholesaling and selling.

I . like most other aussies here find it hard to find dropshippers,
suppliers etc here downunder so maybe we can put our dinky di
heads together.

Just an idea, hope others want to join in

Once again, G'Day to everyone.

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14 May 06 09:13:08 am
Yeah, I have only recently started selling and am alrady having a lot of trouble finding economical items to build capital. Does everyone who does this have a registered business, or is there a way around the websites that require it?

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17 May 06 02:38:59 am
Hi and welcome!

You won't find much in the way of dropshippers in Australia. There is just no market for it. I think I found ONE.... and I can't remember what that was off the top of my head. Sorry..... But they're usually not very viable.
The a few of the international shippers will dropship to Australia, but you need to be mindful of the postage costs.

Most wholesale sites you will need an ABN, or a registered business name. Some of the international dropshippers will give you a membership without having a registered business. From memory, all the aussie wholesalers have asked me for my biz details.

I think it cost me around $80 to register a business name, I can't remember whether it cost me anything for my ABN or not (sorry, bit vague at the moment - under the weather!)

To find out more go to Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view websites.

Hope that helps.


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22 May 06 03:24:23 am
dealsdirect.com.au do dropship well advertise that they do but also sell on ebay which makes it hard to compete they do however have great deals.I would also like to know of others that dropship.I am yet to ever buy and sell on ebay have just done alot of watching to scared to jump yet. :? But with this forum and seeing other aussies may give me the kick
take care

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24 May 06 11:08:14 pm
Welcome to the forum everyone from downunder! :lol:

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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26 May 06 05:31:26 pm
Yeah it's not easy being an Aussie.

Allot of US seller's will not even bother with us....

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26 May 06 08:03:21 pm
It's not fair that US dealers won't bother with Aussies... I wonder if its most likely the costs of shipping...

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27 May 06 11:49:28 pm
Well if there arent too many dropshippers to Austrailia, perhaps you guys need a factory there, a US one. A possible big market! I cant begin to fathom what that would take. But I can say if u present it in a good manner to a company they would take care of all the costs, and you'd walk away with more cash than a kangaroo could stuff in its pockets just for presenting the idea. Just make sure u have a contract! :)


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21 Oct 06 04:11:55 pm
ppl will give us the time of day, but like stated the shipping charges to Oz make alot of products not worth getting.


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