Getting started after acquiring sales tax ID

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29 May 15 07:46:34 am
So i just got my employer ID number is it the same as sales tax id number? And also i paid 120$ for the process which i think i was not supposed to do because apparently it's free... And then what? Do i just find a supplier buy products then go to ebay and sell it? How do i add the sales tax? Do i need to have a company name? Do i need to have my own website? Pleasw advice... Im a bit loss and scared that when i make money i might owe irs something so i just wanna make sure that im doing things right.... Thanks!

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30 May 15 02:45:35 am
Hi Nicole and welcome to the forum

Since you have your tax id, it won't be difficult to find a supplier to work with. You will be able to choose dropship or wholesale with that id. You can indeed go straight to eBay and list your items there for sale if you want, you can choose any selling platform you would like, just make sure you are aware of any fees that are involved, both up front and on sale fees that will impact your margin.

You don't need a company name to trade on eBay, just an eBay id. Of course you can register a business name if you wanted to, it is a good marketing tool to use.

You don't need your own website, but I think it's something you should definitely consider to develop as a long term selling strategy.

I would suggest reading this, it might give you some ideas regarding a marketing strategy.

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1 Jun 15 04:43:35 am
Hi Nicole,

As for sales tax, you only tax buyers from the same state to where you are selling. Another example is if you're from California and your dropshipper's from Nevada, then you also collect sales tax from your buyers in Nevada.

Picture it this way: you only collect sales tax from customers to where the purchased goods are located.

To know more on sales tax basics, visit the link below:

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