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8 Jul 06 04:02:52 pm
Hey everyone,

Hi5 here again passing on a cool system. If people are looking to make money then you know you have to invest in something. Why not invest in the one thing that makes the world go round! Money!

Now i know everyone has heard of FOREX, if you haven't then you should check it out!Link hidden: Login to view Takes very very little to start ($25) and you can make some huge cash. The best part is that I found a great company to guide you through this one step at a time... Not many will do that!

Anyway, myself and many others I know do very well with Forex. But hey I urge everyone to check it out and at least give it a shot. Of course with any investment there is some risk, but without risk there's no reward!
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9 Jul 06 12:04:47 pm
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