Guaranteed more views on your eBay listings

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30 Apr 11 02:17:02 am
This girl has an interesting idea in how to compete in a competitive marketplace!! haha check out the listing

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1 May 11 11:33:39 pm
It's an interesting way of attracting attention, it certainly got yours.. lol :D


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1 May 11 11:42:16 pm
There is 101 things I would like to say, but each one of them could get me shot, but I have to admit that is an interesting rod they have the reel attached to.

Try casting that sucker!

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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2 May 11 01:57:11 am
I'll take two if they throw the reel in. LOL

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18 Jul 11 11:30:26 am
Hi, I'm a newbie to this wonderful site and was somewhat amused by the, er, tacky tactic to get Guaranteed views.

In a somewhat similar vein, check out the, um, rather politically incorrect Item no. 170650112633 listed recently on With an attitude like his, no wonder a) it did not meet reserve and b) he is now sleeping in the garage !

I look fwd to being an active participant of this wonderful Salehoo community, am halfway thru' Alice's OST already and lovin' it.

Keep up the great work team.

Kind Regards..Tony (a Kiwi in Oz)

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19 Jul 11 12:10:38 am
Oh dear, I was NOT expecting that when I opened that link up!

Thanks for your positive comments about Online Selling Tactics, Tony! Great to hear that you are enjoying working your way through the lessons.

Keep in touch!


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27 Jan 12 07:00:00 pm
Was that allowed in ebay?

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