Guy selling 10 iphones on Ebay for 680 total ($68 each)

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11 Mar 08 03:22:59 am
I am not really sure if this is the right section where i should post this..... but here is what happened, i saw a guy on ebay, with zero feedback, who was selling 10 iphones at bidding price of $200 total ($20 each), i won the bid at price of 660 total... i know for a fact that he does have the iphones because he took a picture of a big pile of iphones with his username on it....he also said that he has a 100 more iphones to sell.... when i won the bid he sent me this message:

'If you want ten phones that would be 3500 and if you want just one phone that would be the price that you bidded on($660). I tried to make it so you guys were bidding on 1 phone out of 100 and if you wanted more you could just type in more numbers but i think that i did it wrong. Any way to help me figure that out so i know how next tim?'

he then sent me an invoice for $680 total, i gave him a call at his house, andwe agreed on $ 3500(includes shipping) and that i would pay $700 for now for two iphones and i ll pay for other 8 later....before the end of conversation with him, he told me not to pay him the money today and that he will give me a call, but he never did and when i tried to call him, he was not picking up the phone...he found out that i can unlock the iphones and i believe that now he is trying to unlock the iphones himself and sell it for more money on ebay, and he doesnt want to sell the iphones for $3500 anymore... i didnt pay the money for the iphones to him, becuase i dont think he will ship the iphones to here even if i pay him...

i am new to ebay and dont know to whether what i should do... can any1 give me any advice??.. do u guys think that ebay would do anything or make the guy send the iphones if i explain the situation to them & would they make him send all ten at the bid price won of $680, becuase it was his mistake that he didnt explain it right... plz someone if u know anything, tell me what i should do..

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11 Mar 08 04:37:52 am
Ebay will not do anything on your behalf. You can leave a negative feedback but ebay will not force that seller to send you those iphones. It is up to the seller really.

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11 Mar 08 08:40:25 am
Nope but if you leave him a negative Stating he was an IPHONE scammer that Never Delivers. He would never be able to sell those iphones on ebay. :D

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