Hello from a newbie in Orlando

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26 Mar 10 05:07:31 pm
Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am extremely new to trying to trying to buy wholesale/liquidated products for resale. While I am enthusiastic about learning, am ignorant enough about this area to not be able to ask many competent questions. I am certain that I will be bugging you guys soon enough.

Currently, I plan on starting things out slowly, and see what works. I plan on treating this as a part time income that will help me learn about a different area of the business world than I am familiar with. Right now I am planning on concentrating on liquidations. It appears that the greater Miami area has several liquidators to look at. From my research, I will also try to stay clear from some of these companies. I will probably do some sort of a write up of what I saw when I visit them in person.

I originally had no intentions of joining Salehoo. It just seemed like several times I was trying to find feed back on companies, Salehoo came up with comments on the company. I also appreciated that several of the staff made certain to get involved in the conversations, instead of just members. I was also convinced by the number of educational threads that were available. So I guess I will see how it goes during the evaluation period.

I do want to say that I am looking forward to providing input and asking questions as much as possible. I am a firm believer that by working with other people you end up with the ability to accomplish much more. I also believe that the best way to learn, is to help others learn. So I will try and be a part of these forums as much as possible. I will definitely be reading the forums, even if I don’t always become active in them.

So feel free to say hi in this thread as well, and looking forward to working with anyone that has the desire to reach their definition of success.


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27 Mar 10 09:37:19 pm
We're glad to have you here.

It sounds like you have a pretty solid plan in motion and you are taking it step by step, best way to do it.

Ask as many questions as you like, that's why we're here, and we tend to doze off if no one has any questions lol, then again maybe that's just me :)

Great idea to have a read through the forum, mountain of useful information there to make your way through, and we look forward to seeing more of you on the boards.

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Mar 10 08:46:41 pm
Hi Chris,

Welcome to SaleHoo!

It sounds like you have a good plan, and plenty of work ahead of you!

Using local liquidators is a great idea; you have the opportunity to meet with them personally and you can save on shipping!

Just remember that when you source products from outside of the SaleHoo directory, you can make yourself vulnerable to scams or ripoffs... or just sub-standard suppliers.

Here are a couple of resources I highly recommend that you look over before you go ahead and do business with a liquidator:

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Looking forward to hearing more about your selling journey!


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28 Mar 10 09:07:17 pm
Fudji and Alice, Many thanks for the warm welcome. Also, thanks for the advice.

I have about 31 sources I have found, and have figured out that at least half of them are shady at best. So yes, I plan on being extremely careful when working with anyone, within Salehoo or not. As Fudji said in a separate thread, ( paraphrasing) hard to make money if too much time is spent behind the computer screen. I do want to check out the companies that I think are shady, since it is a good idea to know the types of people I do not plan on dealing with.



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