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12 Feb 09 11:18:13 pm
Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ashley and I live in Memphis, TN (the best city in the world haha NOT j/k). I finally decided that I would rather fork over $70 rather than $300 for WWB, I have learned so much in the past couple of days and packed my brain with as much information possible without having a brain overload. lol This place is great!! I hope to find a good niche market to sell and make a good income off of, hopefully enough to replace the meesly $15,000 a year i'm making now, I work for my dad at the moment but the economy bull crap has affected us and we will unfortunately be closing our retail store at the first of March after only being here for a little over a year. Ugghh BUMMER, i'll be yet another statistic (unemployed) but it's ok i think me and my husband can survive on his income. Anyways, sorry for rambling. I really hope that I can find a good supplier who dropships as I do not have the funds right now to hold inventory myself. I have a few ideas but i'm not quite sure which one I will choose, I guess the one that turns the most profit. Well just wanted to say hi, trying to make some friends right now to chat and share insights with!

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13 Feb 09 12:29:48 am
Hello and welcome neighbor! I am in North Carolina. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. We are all here to help each other.

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13 Feb 09 01:39:06 am
Hello and welcome to Salehoo. In your search for finding a dropshipper. It is not an easy task. If you are trying to sell on places like ebay finding a dropshipper that can compete with the selling prices there can be tough. But if your opening your own web store a dropshipping company can do the trick with little risk. And its so cheap to open and run a website.

The only key thing I can say is do your research carefully and take your time. If you rush into it you can be doomed to failure.

If your starting on ebay. I would suggest cleaning your house out of useless items. I know we all have them, But these useless items that we dont use, can be gold to a certain buyer. And this is how many successful online sellers get started. When you don't have much funds to start with you would be surprised how much you can get from junk lying around the house. And the junk people sell for pennies at local garage sales.This can also help you build your reputation on ebay as a seller and this can generate higher bids on future sales.

If you need anything or any info dont hesitate to ask about it here on the forums. The forums are probably the single best part of your membership. You can ask about suppliers, ask for selling tips and advice. We have hundreds of experienced sellers that post here regularly and are more then willing to give advice.

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