help needed to find suppliers of cheap products

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16 Jul 07 01:17:12 am
I've been looking through suppliers of this website for various products from clothing to video games and gaming consoles, but can't seem to find prices low enough to turn a profit. What websites specifically are well known for having very low prices with low quantity requirements so that someone could make a profit?

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8 Aug 07 07:59:52 pm
i don't want to sound like a synic but i don't think such a thing exsists. thats why were all here on salehoo but alas no good news.i have spent the last five months in search of anything to sell thats cheaper than ebay and it dosn't exsist. i won't stop hunting but man it's tough, maybe i should share one experience i had with a company from china. i bought golf clubs from this site, prices were great but found out after i sold them they were fake,so needless to say i'm still fighting to get my money back.i have returned all the buyers money back,got bad feedback and am stuck with fake clubs sitting in my dinning room.

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8 Aug 07 08:52:09 pm
Well when your searching for basically single items to sell and make profit. It is very hard. And almost impossible to continually do this. I myself purchase in bulk and resell through my various channels. But I know for a fact its very hard to buy and sell single items and make much profits. Your best bet it to save up your money and buy small bulk lots or you can even hit up garage sales for items to resell. People will sell items worth a bundle at garage sales for as low as 25 cents for a box full of thier crap. That can turn into $20 to $50 in profit for you on ebay. I still find deals like this when my wife drags me to yard sales.

But you can also search through liquidations and find many items at thier very lowest possible price.

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