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13 Jan 07 07:06:35 pm
Hello. I am just joined SaleHoo, and I am in need of some help. Where do I start? How do I start selling items? I mistakingly thought that this would be like SMC where they have the items and ship them for you. Can anyone please help me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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13 Jan 07 07:58:39 pm
You can please checkout the following link:

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Here you'll find lots of useful information.

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15 Jan 07 03:17:41 am
Hi there JWest86,

Welcome to Salehoo!

If you are looking for suppliers that ship items for you, then check under the drop shippers section in the Salehoo directory.

For advice on selling items, we recommend you get the Auction XFactory upgrade. This is an in-depth guide to selling on eBay and other sites.

But another great way to find out is to read our Blog like Amy suggested and then just ask questions as you go on our forum. We'll be there every day to answer them, plus other members have heaps of great tips too.

You'll find that you get the most helpful advice when you ask a specific question. But have a read through too, it's also likely that someone else has been in the same position as you and asked the same question.

Good luck :)


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24 Jan 07 05:41:02 am
you know i did all of that an i looked an looked but every other site i see want you to join them an pay a fee can some one please help me

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24 Jan 07 07:51:58 am
I can help you...

Maybe read what the site has to offer before you pay to become a member. :D

I hope that has helped.


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