HI!! i am new in FRANCE

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8 Apr 08 07:43:40 pm
Hello every body
I am French,
i am looking for some suppliers with nice price selling cloth like VERSACE, HUGO BOSS, DIESEL, ARMANI
If possible in EUROPE!! (because if not..French Customs FEES aie aie)
If you know serious sellers, please tell me friend!!
because i am new in SALEHOO, and the truth is that i don't find interested sellers with the site SALEHOO give to me...(i have better in FRANCE!) i don't find wholesale price, i find better price on Ebay in France!!!!
If Jimmy read me; i will maybe ask for refund....
thanks to help me
ps: forgive my english lol!!!!

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9 Apr 08 01:43:49 am
hi nzoprod
remember the person selling a item on e-bay has proberly purchased that item from liquidators, and paid a very small price for them that's why you see it for so less than a wholesaler. Or he has purchased a huge volume of stock at a very low cost, that's why you see prices lower than you see from a wholesaler. So weather you can purchase in bulk and recieve a good price for your goods you won't make any money. Do a lot of research it to what you want to sell and barter for the best price possible for your goods.
good luck hang in there

p.s. with purchaseing brand name goods there is not a big margin between wholesale and retail, unless you buy fakes ( copy's )

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9 Apr 08 11:10:39 am
thanks for your answer friend!!
ok i understant, i want to buy more than 1 piece but i can't find site where i can buy with wholesale price, you know each time it give me price for 1 piece..
do you have site (wholesale, liquidator) for VERSACE,DEISEL etc etc,
i search, i keep searching, but if somebody know site...in EUrope...
have a nice day
ps: of course, idon't attempt to make big margin, i am realist!!!

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9 Apr 08 10:59:50 pm
With most wholesale sites, the prices that are actually listed on the site are higher than the prices you can get if you contact the owners..Just look for a link that says: 'contact'. Most often if they are true wholesalers they will want you to set up and account and then you will be assigned a sales rep who can give you better prices than the ones listed on the sites....


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