HI, im new here.

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11 Jan 08 06:20:02 am
Hi all, i paid for my subscription yesterday. I love business, and am looking at running my own ebay business/store. I did a bit of research, and obviously there are a lot of scams, and dodgy lists out there, i was also a bit hesitant in joining here, cause i don't currently have the money to lose if something were to go wrong. But my brother is a member here, and so that gave me confidence in this website, i know he would not be a part of anything dodgy.

So for now im gonna read, and read, and read some more, do my research, and then get the capital to get my ideas going.

Thanks for listening, and i look forward to talking to you all soon.

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11 Jan 08 07:38:14 am
Helo,new blood!Everyone here welcome your arrival!Good luk!

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12 Jan 08 02:53:36 am
Hello and welcome to salehoo. Your off to the right start. Reading past post and the stickys is a good way to get to know how salehoo works. And dont forget to ask questions if you dont know the answers. No matter how silly they are we are here to help. :D

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