How can I create a website with BigCommerce?

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3 Jul 10 02:55:25 pm
So I've been doing alot of research about dropshipping and patience and persistance seems to be paying off. But for some reason I feel like I've just hit a brick wall with creating a nice website to attract customers to. I've recently signed up for BigCommerce as my ecommerce platform and although the reviews are very high, I find it a bit difficult to create a nice website, as the ones I've seen powered by them. I know this is Salehoo, but I figured I'd just through my questions out there to see if anyone has used or is familiar with BigCommerce and can offer some advice on creating a nice website with them. I've also contacted a few web designers but all want 50% of the cost up front. (As a stay at home mother, I just don't have that kind of cash) so if anyone has any tips on creating a nice ecommerce store with BigCommerce please let me know. (They claim you don't need to know html to make a nice store with them but I'm seeing now that, that is not really the case). I was also thinking about selling on ebay as a way to get started if I can't get my store created and up and running fast enough...

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4 Jul 10 09:45:31 pm
Hi nmcknight,

I don't personally know the platform you mention, so I can't really be of much help with how to actually get it done. Experience has taught me that while a basic site on these type of platforms is often possible, something special takes a little more efort, as you seem to be also finding on this occasion.

I would be getting my design down on paper first, just so I had a good idea with what I really wanted the site to do and feel like. From there you will have a clear picture in your own mind and you may well find it a lot easier.

If you are struggling for a design, I suggest you hot sites like Check out templates, they may well get your creative juices going. I've designed quite a few sites over the years, and have spent many hours looking at website and templates to generate ideas, and its never failed me yet : )

Talk to them about the design issues you are having, they may well be able to assist.

In regards to eBay, I think eBay is worth its weight in gold, website or not. Many people choose one or the other, but you can use them both to maximise your efforts.

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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