How can I get rid of these TVs?

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2 Jun 08 03:09:29 pm
Hi all,

sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Please feel free to move if necessary. :?:

My partner and I have purchased 200 TV's from Bestbuy. They are refurbs, Cust returns, ex display etc. They are all named brands such as Sony and Samsung and range from 19' to 60'. Approx 20% are broken but repairable. Some are Plasma and some are LCD.

Does anyone have any advise on how to sell these? Has anyone had any previuos experience with this sort of thing. I realise the options are to sell individually or sell on as a bulk but I wouldnt know how to sell them on as bulk. This is really not my field at all. :roll:

We have the opportunity of doing this many times so maybe there is somebody out there with some experience that might like to get invloved.

Any advise, much appreciated. :D

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2 Jun 08 10:54:57 pm
I would like to get involved with your entrepreneurship, i might be able to help you get rid of most of me if youd like.

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3 Jun 08 01:30:37 am
Might need to consider the OP's Location Before you do :lol:

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