How can I start with little capital?

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9 Aug 06 08:41:20 pm
I know in all business it doesn't always take your own money to make more money. Im low in capital and want to get started right away with making money on the internet and ebay. If you have informations and tips please help me. It'll be much appreciated.

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10 Aug 06 12:19:48 am
Like most people will tell you, you probably need to start off with products that are cheap. You can sell cell phone or ipod accessories if you'd like. You can gte lots of these for only a couple hundred bucks. The profit potential is not big, but it is still profit and the risk is low. This will also get you familiar with creating listings on eBay, the best way to ship items and lots of other thigns that you will need to do for each transaction. Not only that, it gives you a chance to build your feedback with little risk.

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10 Aug 06 05:48:08 pm
I find that can be very good avice. You can also get good ebay ratings and extra capital from selling products you dont really want around the house. It seems like the only way the smaller companies make money is buying in bulk and selling for small profits. After awhile we can find better suppliers and make larger profits.

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11 Aug 06 11:52:08 am
Hi, I started off selling things around the house on ebay, then bought some things at garage sales and second hand shops, like they say ones man trash is another mans treasure. Do that for a little while until you make enough profit to move on. Or you can also try dropshipping since you don't have to purchase stock upfront. is good for dropshipping digital cameras and mobile phones.


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