How do I choose an online store name

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8 Apr 16 02:22:40 pm

when your drop shipping your selling so many products. How do I choose a good name for my online shop?

many thanks

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9 Apr 16 12:24:35 pm
Hi tracey,
There are more than one ways of doing this. Since dropshipping business is mainly associated with only retail, it won't be an easy thing to get a desired domain name. You can try your own name and embed it with the primary type of the product you're retailing. E.g. Then you can go for a name that delivers a message. E.g And finally, if you're lucky enough, you can directly look for a name that speaks for your products. E.g.

Hope this helps and all these domain names are actually available :)

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10 Apr 16 12:57:34 am
Hi Tracey and welcome to the forum,

Image plays a big roll in business and a name forms a large part of that image, it's what you build your branding around. Colours, logo and so on, are all build around your business name. Now do you need to have a domain name the same as your business name?

Well, it's not a bad idea if you can, but it's not ultimately crucial that you do. A domain is nothing more than you're online address, it tells people where to find your business.

Is it important to have a name that feeds into what you do (sell), well again, it's not something that can hurt you from a marketing or branding position, but depending on how vast your stock profile is, it can be difficult to find a name that accurately describes and positions you well in the marketplace.

You can go the exact opposite, pick a name that has absolutely no reference whatsoever to what your business is about, but a name that is crazy and catchy, because those types of names are quite often very easy to market because they can draw attention.

So you're absolutely correct in putting some serious thought into a name, because that ultimately has a bearing on how you develop your business image and your branding.

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10 Apr 16 06:09:07 pm
Thank you both for your help

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19 Sep 16 03:01:26 am
Hi Tracey,

I hope this still helps since it might be a little late for this reply but for everyone else's reference, here it goes. :)

I would like to add that naming your online store does not require any science at all. There are just a few things to consider when it comes to giving an online store its name. You can either get a collective name for the different products you offer or you can give an unrelated name to your liking. Perhaps, you can name it something related to your personal name or your message to your market. It is entirely up to you. Just do make sure that the names are easy to spell and pronounce especially for your target market. You can list down all the names you have in mind and sort out the top 3 you have then, check them vs your competitors to make sure that name is not yet taken or, is not in some way similar to any other company.




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