How do I use the Research Lab in my research

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17 Jan 16 06:54:29 pm
Hello: I am an Amazon seller right now
I have access to buy brand name shoes/clothing at wholesale rate, but does SaleHoo help me with the specific Item rates and listing info the way LAB does. For Instance Diesel shoes, or Fila Or Timberland, how do you research these brands whether it has a high selling rate and if the market saturated or not. ? so I dont have to invest money on dead markets/brands
I am trying to see what is the best use for me for SALEHOO site, beside finding wholesalers, and tell me what is trending in certain categories (Research Lab)?
I want to buy Beach Towel for the summer, beside finding a wholesale at SaleHoo, does this site help me in market research in this product or No?


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18 Jan 16 02:52:26 am
Hi there,

Please find the answers to your inquiries below:

Unfortunately, if the product or brand you are searching for can't be found, it's likely that there's no data available for it at this time. This could be because the product or brand is not as popular as some of the 4,000+ products that do have available data.

SaleHoo's new Market Research Lab is designed to provide information on the most popular products that are currently selling very well online. The old Lab's results were often inaccurate and irrelevant due to users entering far too generic keywords. The new Lab offers specific items with live listings that you can view on Amazon & eBay. It's a much more effective way to find relevant data on specific popular products.

Consider looking around to see what is there, rather than what isn't, as these are the main products that people are buying and selling right now.

Aside from the directory and the Market Research Lab, our eCommerce Blog and Seller Training Center are great tools for you to figure out how to get your online business started. It has guides and tips to effectively sell online.

Hope this clarifies.


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