How do you sell your products?

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21 May 06 04:32:34 am
its all good and fine people wanting wholesalers and products but when it comes down to it what do you do. I know i had mine made for me and its not really how i want it.

What are other peoples websites (if you have them) or how do you sell your products?

I think this will help everyone here to see where they could be heading.

Mine is Link hidden: Login to view i still dont have products yet as im having a bit of money trouble at the moment (i left my old job to move and the job i went for someone else got it :( )

I think everyones ideas will be greatful to the new people starting up.

Did you make your own website or did someone do it or you?
if you made it yourself did you use a template off a website or do it all from a-z yourself?
do you have a shopping cart? how does it work?
do you have any hints for people starting out for getting people to go to their website?

Just a few thoughts for people to throw around.

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21 May 06 03:13:25 pm

Your in luck because your website is open source commerce. You can change the look of your website relatively easy by modifying certain files.

You also can add numerous features or use pre-made templet files. Check out Link hidden: Login to view. This is where your basic website came from. Under contributions you can see what you can add on. Also visit the forums for help and advice. Best advice I can give you is to pick up a book on php as this is the language used to create your site. Some html knowledge will be useful also.

It may look complicated at first but it's quite easy to work with once you get used to it and learn about php/mysql/appache. All 3 programs are available free and you can set it up on your home computer to act as a test server. This will enable you to re-create your site on your computer for testing before going live with it.

Oscommerce has shopping cart integrated along with many other basic features you need. Download MS2.2 from site and read the enclosed documentation, and utilize the forum they have.

Sorry is this answer is drawn out but oscommerce is great because its free and you can build your own site easily. Check it out. Ill try to answer any more questions that you have.


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