How is this supposed to work? its pretty much impossible

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20 Dec 07 04:58:48 am
this sucks, how am i supposed to sell the product of a company, when that company is selling their own product, competing with me...

this salehoo thing is a sham,

why didnt i ever get my refund? i made a couple of emails asking for a refund, why cant i juts get my $50


just give me my money back

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20 Dec 07 06:13:26 am
Im not sure but Ive never heard of people not getting a requested refund before. Try emailing direct to Link hidden: Login to view

And to answer your question. Yes you are competing against the suppliers. The suppliers know they can move product quickly on ebay as where they can make an additional profit by selling to you. This is not unheard of nor is it uncommon. And has been happening since ebay gained popularity many years ago. Its extremely hard nowadays to profit from dropshipping and from buying light wholesale on places like ebay because ebay is a wholesalers marketplace.

Unfortunately because of the popularity of Ebay. This has basically flooded ebay with similar product dragging the average selling prices to the floor.

Sellers like myself buy in very large bulk to profit from sales on ebay. And we dont profit on every sale either. We also sell $200 items on ebay for as little as $25.00 and the only reason we profit on those items is because overall buying 1000+ items at a time we only payed $13-$17 dollars for each item.

You can still profit by buying in light bulk. You dont have to purchase whole truckloads like some of us. There are many suppliers that sell pallets of items for as litle as $150 a pallet all the way up to $1,000 a pallet. That you can profit from. Im not saying you will make $5,000 profit per pallet but many salehoo members that purchase by pallet make a decent side income on ebay.

Salehoo is but a large directory of wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers and below wholesale large bulk liquidators. You have to be here for a reason and you have to learn what you need to do to profit at your current level. Any person can profit from the suppliers listed in our directory, you just have to know what you are looking for and have a little education to what you need to do to make money. You can buy every membership to every wholesale directory and you will find the same suppliers that are listed in our directory.

One advantage of your membership here is the froums. You can educate yourself here by asking questions and reading other post from members of salehoo.

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20 Dec 07 09:23:46 pm
this sucks, how am i supposed to sell the product of a company, when that company is selling their own product, competing with me...

this salehoo thing is a sham,

why didnt i ever get my refund? i made a couple of emails asking for a refund, why cant i juts get my $50


just give me my money back

I would like to respond to your post, because I have
been member of Saleshoo a couple of years and within this time I have learned an invaluable education, what to do and how not to get scammed...every penny I paid for being member of Saleshoo is worth its weight in 'Gold'

My Comments!!!Not SaleHoo!!!!

'Misconceptions about Success'

If you are serious about building a successful life, you are going to have to get serious about knowing what success is and how to create it.
Most people who claim to desire success spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do planning their success.

Most people also spend more time learning the details of their TV schedule than they do learning how success works.

In order to create and live a super successful life, you will need to put time and effort into learning about how to do it and then applying that knowledge to your daily life.

Success is the consequence of the intentional congruity of clearly defined ideals, specific purpose and defined goals. It is the result of the direct application of knowledge and technique. It is the effect of being 'at cause'.

Living a successful life comes about from the intentional and purposeful application of proven principles—not luck or happenstance!

Victims believe in circumstantial fate and/or chance.

Victors believe in self-designed destiny and/or choice.

Success comes most easily to those that also have learned certain techniques and steadfastly apply them to everything they do. They have and follow a specific game plan.

Success comes always to those who know and apply the principles of success.

'The essence of knowledge is,
having it…to apply it.'

John(aka bacpro)

PS: Before I found Saleshoo, I was afraid to import amything from China, Now I know who to buy from and who stay away from.

J Baca

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21 Dec 07 09:08:09 am
Yes,i think it is worth spending time and money here!It teaches us a lot.The key point is how we digest them!

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21 Dec 07 01:22:47 pm
Well, I guess this is the only way to be successful with Ebay auctions. It has been a very frustrating experience looking for products I could sell in Ebay.
As I live in Portugal, I get even more limited in my options because of the custom taxes. I am limited to European Union. the problem is that I cant afford investing a large amount of money in a wholesale purchase.

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22 Dec 07 05:22:27 pm
BUY IN BULK!!! Thats the only way to make money on ebay. It will seem like a lot of money at first but you have to remember most of the time you can at least break even.

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26 Dec 07 06:07:46 am
Can you guy's suggest some dropshipers you know are safe and can make a profit from.??

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27 Dec 07 08:23:06 pm
Search around the internet and try to find the cheapest price. Sell for higher price, that's how I make profit :P


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