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How to add listing (prices) on eBay

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11 Sep 15 05:36:27 am
Hi Salehoo, I have some questions please. I have an account with wholesale2b. I want to blend that website and this one together. My questions
Are more about listing on ebay with wholesale2b moreover please. I am not clear on how to list on eBay, for example:

1. If my wholesale2b price is $8.99, should my bid price be $9.99?
2. Would it be the total cost on wholesale2b?
3. Ebay selling low price?
4. Ebay selling ARV price?
5. Ebay selling high price?
6. Are is there anything on this site can, help me with these questions?

I am desiring to build a drop shipping business, as I have said with a business plan with the help of both SaleHoo and wholesale2b. I am looking for any suggestions and advises on these matters please. I am new at this business. Thank you, in advance for your help.

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11 Sep 15 08:36:36 pm
Hi Larry and welcome to the forum

In regards to setting your price on eBay

You need to know your exact product and all related costs associated with the sale of that product. That is the cost of the product itself, shipping, listing fee, selling fee, payment method transaction fee and any other related cost that will be incurred on the transaction chain. This of course gives you your total cost (your bottom line cost)

Once you have your cost price, you will know where you need to set your eBay price. Of course if you are using the auction format, then you can choose to start your auction at your cost price to cover your expenses or if using the Buy It Now option, then working out what margin you want to make on the product.

Setting the price is really up to you, but my advice would be to research your competitors very carefully and use them as a guide to where you need to be on price to compete.


Mark (fudjj)

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7 Nov 15 08:47:41 am
I Agree with Mark

use my salecalc tool for setting price $5 to $10 profit on top of the item you want which will include fees eg paypal ebay and other fees so you wont be out of pocket also make sure you include any shipping fees into your price. unless it free shipping worldwide.

refer to this thread for direct link

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