How to be in an excellent position on search engines

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14 Jan 09 02:40:17 am
Good morning,

I think this is a topic that is interesting for all of us. So please, I would like to know what do I have to do to be in the first 4 positions on search engines with out investing lots of money. Thank you.

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26 Jan 09 03:17:19 am
Hi Juan,

Here are some ways to increase traffic to your site (this includes search engine optimization):


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6 Feb 09 03:13:18 am
To get a high rank on google, you need your URL everywhere like the above post states. The more the googlebot can find your link, the higher up it generally is in the rankings.

Top 4 shouldn't be to hard, depending on what sort of website it is.

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6 Feb 09 04:08:01 am
Top four is very hard. The first page on Google is the most sought after position on the internet and companies are always vying for the first page.

You have to work the key words and get as much info on your website that will get google to position you high.

You have to find ebooks and regular books which are completely unbiased and do not have hidden agendas.

This topic is not a light topic and you have to spend a lot of time learning the terminology and then understanding how Google does what they do.

I would suggest starting at Google first.

Learn as much as you can from them and then find good sources of info.

Not the ones which try to upsell you to buy something.

Then you have to practice with different websites. Find a host which will let you use as many websites as you want and put them up and practice getting exposure.

The rewards can be very good but this is a topic you have to study and learn and doesn't happen overnight.

Expect to spend about 100 hours before you see some good results.

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6 Feb 09 04:57:29 am
What Planes and ampie_salehoo said. Dead On!

Start at google, they tell you what to do and they even have videos on Youtube. Sign up for their webmaster tools and read carefully. They tell you what not to do.

Then focus on creating backlinks back to your main site based on the related keywords. If your site is about selling blue widgets, then join a community about blue widgets and contribute useful information. Of course in those posts, your user name can be your store name and you can promote your site in your signature when it's relevant.

I'd resort to Adwords as a last resort unless your competing in a high traffic arena. There are tools out there for free that will let you scope out your competition. is one that will let you do 20 free searches to see what your competitors are using and paying on. Theres so much more.

Don't get caught up in paying for information unless you're really really stuck. This stuff is fairly easy to compete in, partly because not very many people are optimized properly. They just put up a site and submit it to google and think that's going to make them money.

Create a site map, make effective use of your headers and pate titles, make sure your content is relevant. don't cloak or do anything that the google videos tell you not to do. Play nice with other communities that your product revolves around, the credible ones will get your site exposure for free as well as higher rankings in time. Keyword is TIME.

Don't get suckered by companies or SEO optimizers that promise immediate results, because you will be banned from google in no time, it's a hassle to get back in their good graces as you'll see in their webmaster tools videos.

There's more caveats out there, but really... the good path to follow is already posted here by others in this thread.

Good luck.


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