How to build Twitter & Facebook followers?

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28 Feb 12 07:23:34 am
Hi Guys,

You got any tips on how to build followers on twitter & facebook?

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28 Feb 12 09:52:00 pm
You can actually purchase follower packs these days. Here is a link to one supplier, but it's just an example of what I'm talking about.

I should mention that uSocial pretty much kicked this idea off, although many offer the same service now, you do have to be careful of what you are buying in regards to guaranteed followers, as not all providers offer specifically targeted followers.

You also need to ensure you use a provider that delivers targeted followers in your country, unless that isn't of importance to you.

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This is for an example only, so read the find print with anyone if you end up going down this road!

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Feb 12 11:49:10 pm
Hi Kmagnet,

I'm no twitter guru myself and I may pretty much need as much advise as you but I stumbled upon this article that provides Link hidden: Login to view to help you build your twitter followers list.

1. Design your twitter page- Take the time to fill out you bio and website on Twitter, and upload a decent headshot or icon so people can see that you are a real person, and decide to follow you. Also consider making a custom background to better convey info about yourself.

2. Wefollow- is a directory of twitter users list yourself under the appropriate categories so like minded people can find you.

3. Hash Tags- Use has tags which look like this: #yourkeyword to describe what your tweet is about people track these and will follow you.

4. Comment, ReTweet, Reply- Engage people in conversation using questions, comments, and retweets if you are interesting real people will follow.

5. Advertise your Twitter- Put your twitter profile on all of your social media profiles, websites, and also in your signatures on forums, and emails to gain more followers.

6. Hoot Suite- Hootsuite is an online application that is like a head up display for your twitter accounts. The best feature as far as followers go is prescheduling tweets if you have a regular stream of tweets followers will increase, and your current followers can be more engaged.

7. Mr. Tweet- Mr. Tweet lets you follow or recommend users based on your interests and niche you can follow up to 50 a day.

8. Twitter Match- follow users based on your chosen keywords and often they will follow you back

9. Buzzom- lets you grow your followers based on your interests and flush those who aren’t following you back. After you have used these other steps to follow hundreds or thousands of people give them about 3-5 days to see if they will follow back and flush the non followers.

10. The Twit Cleaner- After using these other steps to dramatically grow your following use to show you who is just a spammer, inactive or otherwise uninterested in what you have to say. The best part is it will unfollow them in mass for free.

As for Facebook, I would say your presence is also key. Make your fans feel that you are there by posting regular updates either to share something interesting (try to keep it related to your business as much as possible) or simply to say 'Hi, how are you guys doing?' - the key is to strike up a conversation with your fans and build/develop interaction!

But first how do let people know about your Facebok page? Through advertising it! You can link your website to your fan page and likewise your fan page to your website. If you have business partners or employees (you can even ask family and friends who support you) to add a link of your Facebook page to their e-mail signatures, likewise you can do the same when you post on forums.

Another approach would be to link your Facebook page on Twitter and in your website's blog. Posting a targeted ads may also increase your fan page likes.

I think you will find the tips in Alice's blog on Using Facebook to promote eBay listings just as helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps increase your followers and fans :)



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30 Mar 12 10:07:39 am
Hey there!

The only reason you should worry about BUYING followers/likes/comments etc... is because you feel that your target audience is shy about being the "first" to perform that action.

Gaining these things in an organic faction is much more effective. 500 likes for your facebook fanpage from a bunch of fake accounts that probably aren't even from a relevant country... will not do you any good.

If you want likes/followers/shares/comments/diggs/pins/..... you get the idea... You need to inventivize the action in some way.

Either provide great content.. give away a freebie.. perhaps offer a coupon for fans.... etc.


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1 Aug 12 08:47:24 pm
I agree with Adrian. Contests and freebies are a really great way to get followers. With contests most companies will require you like and even possibly share the page to vote, for example. There are a lot of services available to help set up contests. I like Link hidden: Login to view - it offers a lot of different things and I think there is a free level for some of the services (that are limited of course).

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