How to deal with Amazon's payment holds

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20 Jun 17 11:49:21 pm
My problem

I am trying to go from $0 to a monthly income, but the problem is... Amazon doesn't pay until 21 days after registration and then it is weekly. If I have $0 and I don't get paid the customers money until later then how can I dropship? I tried ebay and well....... They don't pay instantly for new accounts so I have no idea where to sell..... See the problem is not about what to sell because I have lots of high margin items picked out but if I have the sells but no money to buy and send them..... what can I do? I thought about setting up a wix free shop but there is so many limits with it and I wouldn't be able to sell on a free site. So what do you guys and girls suggest? maybe someone here knows something I don't.

Thank you so much for reading and answering to anyone that does!


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21 Jun 17 02:24:11 am
Hi Steven and welcome to the forum,

Account holds are going to be next to impossible to avoid, if even possible at all if your gateway accounts are brand new. I'm not aware of anyone that allows fresh accounts to go unchecked at the moment, too many scams getting around. Someone may know of a gateway not doing holds, but I'm afraid I have no idea.

One way around it is to start off selling a few cheap things from around the house so you don't need cash flow. Let them hold the account and then when released, start trading. You still have to be careful because if all of s sudden your account goes from doing transactions between 20 and 50 dollars to 100 - 200 dollars for example, that can trigger a red flag and can cause another hold.

To avoid that, if you go with the sell items from around the house plan, then after the account is released, contact the gateway provider and tell them that you are going to be starting a business and you now expect the account to be processing transactions of around X dollars per sale.

That then gives them a heads up and in many cases they can then work with you. My experience has always been that it is far easier to try and work with gateway providers than to try and go around them.

Mark (fudjj)

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22 Jun 17 04:17:58 am
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24 Jun 17 03:54:38 pm
Hi Steven,

Check out Your business and your money is yours, from day 1, sale 1. Amazon pays every 2 weeks and be careful, they are also known for holding your money while they review your account. They held $12,000 of our money for 30 days past the date we were supposed to get paid. We were sellers for over 6 years with an excellent seller performance.

Best of luck!


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