How to drive traffic to my website

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2 Mar 11 01:13:03 pm
I just created my website, how do I make it searchable on google, yahoo, etc? Please take a look at my site and let me know if I am missing anything.

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2 Mar 11 08:37:55 pm
Hi PatricL, looks like a lot of thought went into the design, it has the right sort of feel for the products you sell.

Clean and understated, but seems to be informative and simple to navigate. One thing I would suggest if at all possible is to not just include the sizes as in S,L and so on, but include the actual measurements to give the customers confidence in what they are buying is going to fit.

Clothing is one of those things, L doesn't always mean the same size across brands, and consumers can be gum shy when buying clothes that they can't try on if they are unsure as to a size fitting them.

That may also save you a lot of time replying to questions regarding measurements.

I would actually look at adding a soundtrack to the site, just to ad another dimension and create some interest. Although I think the feel of the site is quite good, it's one of those things where I know something is missing, but can't quite put my finger on it lol.

Could be a case of playing around with a few different backgrounds, maybe changing the header, just some general tweeking I think lol, but that's not far away from a well presented site.

One thing I would definitely suggest, get yourself some graphics software that will allow you to clip images from white backgrounds. When your site displays a logo with no white back ground, it looks professional, but when there is this block of white with a logo in the middle displayed, well it looks like a cheap cut and paste and turns the professional tone down a little.

If you can't cut the white background out from those logos, try and put a border around them to make the white background feel like part of the logo design itself. From a design perspective, a much better idea than just having a block of white that looks like doesn't belong at all.

It's just little things like that which can make all the difference between a cheap looking site and one that looks like it cost thousands to develop.

Lots of different factors in play when it comes to having a successful online store and most of those factors revolve around getting traffic to your site. However, once you manage to get people to your store, you still need to convince them to spend their money there, and just as important as price and variety, and so on, is giving them confidence that you are a store that feel comfortable to spend money with.

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2 Mar 11 09:51:07 pm
Nice site Patrick, I particularly like the color scheme:)

Just two suggestions,

(1) On your homepage, try to present the brand (banners) in your slide of the same size, uniformity would make it look more professional.

(2) Maybe you can try to do a drop down for the various sizes you have available for each style or on check out let you customers key in the size they prefer.

These may help you in increasing the traffic rate to your site -

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All the best!


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3 Mar 11 12:21:14 am
Hi Patrick,

Neat site. :) As a buyer, how do I see the shipping cost? Upon checkout/payment the total amount is just the item's price.



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3 Mar 11 05:22:27 pm
All I see are a ton of trademark violations. How much did you have to pay Jessica White to be the 'face' of your site?

No offence man, but even major retailers have a trademark disclosure section on their sites. All these name brands and logos are going to get you little more than a C&D from various lawyers.


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7 Mar 11 02:02:00 am
No offense taken, thanks for the info, still new to selling online and this is my first website. I didn't think it would be a crime to cut and paste these logos onto sites being that there so easy to find and after all that's what products I carry. An, I guess I did go a bit over board with adding Jessica White in the header. I will edit:) Whew, I'm glad I have the Salehoo community, I would be lost without you guys:o)


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