How to enter the correct SKU Codes

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16 Jan 17 03:50:02 am
Greetings, and this is my first post with you.

When it comes to SKU (Stock keeping Unit), what should I enter if the wholesaler I'm dropshipping from did not specify the SKU, and how could it match one that I placed on my store?

For instance, I have placed in my store a product with a random 9-digit SKU number, and the wholesaler did not. When an order is placed, how can I detect it for such reason?

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16 Jan 17 07:38:05 pm
Hi Eduardo and welcome to the forum,

You really just have to develop a cross referencing system for your own convenience. For example, the first letter or two in the code denote the supplier's name. the third denotes the genre of product, E for electronics and so on. You can break your code down to make it as specific as you feel you need

If you enter all that into a date base or even just a spread sheet, that will make product matching as simple as you are going to get if your supplier doesn't have any stock codes to work from.

It is quite strange that the supplier has no identifying code at all, have you actually asked them for the codes?


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