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How to find new products to sell

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11 Mar 15 04:22:46 pm
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am getting a little stumped here. I already have a a primary product, that i sell very well, but wanted to expand. What are the best ways to start thinking of new products to research to sell?
Thank you,

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11 Mar 15 11:29:32 pm
Hi Jenni and welcome to the forum,

If you already have a good solid product, why not try to expand on that product itself. I don't know what it is of course, but let's say you were selling a toolbox. An extension of that would be tools and such and so on. Look to see what other products fit in and around the one you are currently selling to see if there are any opportunities there.


Mark (fudjj)

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12 Mar 15 01:28:01 pm
Thank you for the advice :)

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15 Mar 15 11:24:15 pm

I would also suggest talking to your present and target audience-- not necessarily the focus group type. Casual conversation with the target audience and the product they like and what they want to see will create a need to provide for the demand. Placing an ad on Craigslist, say for fashion enthusiast or sportsmen willing to participate in an interview for a small fee maybe would give you the information that you need to successfully expand your product line.

Good luck! :)


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